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Synonyms for naturalistic

Synonyms for naturalistic

accurately representing what is depicted or described

Synonyms for naturalistic

representing what is real


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Naturalistic probes lasted approximately 60 seconds and the teaching procedure lasted 15 to 20 minutes.
Elizabeth Cropper examines Caravaggio's naturalistic approach in relation to the rise of the new sciences and scientists, in particular Galileo.
Flanagan understands the Four Noble Truths as naturalistic in the sense that they themselves don't involve rebirth, karma, nirvana and so on.
In contrast to the multicoloured naturalistic plant motifs, the silver conch-shells or rocailles (the scalloped shellwork or rockwork that gave the rococo style its name) emphasize the plant motifs' plasticity and painterly effect.
Second, starting in the thirteenth century and culminating in the fifteenth, thinkers increasingly employed naturalistic explanations, an approach which tended to reduce the sphere of the supernatural.
For instance, Koegel, O'Dell, and Koegel (1987) conducted a study in which they manipulated teaching variables to include more functional teaching stimuli, naturalistic reinforcers, and teaching within the natural environment.
Naturalistic assessment can be defined as the assessment of performance on real-world tasks and observation of responses in natural contexts (Gulikers, Bastiaens & Kirschner, 2004).
In Herman he has created a character who should be naturalistic because he is seemingly limited in language, earning potential, and social possibilities.
This is no easy task, but the ultimate result must appear to represent just that, therefore a great deal of thought and design goes into creating a naturalistic garden.
Their value to a comparative theologian and philosopher is that they provide a theoretical basis for reasserting that human religious experience is not ultimately understandable only from a naturalistic perspective, which, by definition, is blind to transcendence.
The aesthetic theories and narrative methods of the most recognized authors of the naturalistic genre--Frank Norris, Jack London, Stephen Crane, and Theodore Dreiser--incorporate, for Link, both romantic and naturalistic elements.
The assumption is that there is a problem with the research, not with what Hunter calls the naturalistic paradigm.
Using data collected during the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's 100-car, naturalistic driving study, the foundation identified four specific driving behaviors that it concludes can be conclusively linked with an increased risk of being involved in a crash or near-crash.
What cannot be debated is the strength of Huller's naturalistic lead performance, an intense turn that brings to mind Emily Watson's work in ``Breaking the Waves.
Someone in Sydney worried about his insubstantial nature for a naturalistic heart located in roughly the right spot in the silhouette's chest now spookily fades in and out when he first appears.