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Synonyms for naturalist

Synonyms for naturalist

an advocate of the doctrine that the world can be understood in scientific terms

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a biologist knowledgeable about natural history (especially botany and zoology)

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Near Asheville: Guided Wildflower Hike: Go Off the Beaten Path with Chimney Rock Park's Naturalist to areas seldom seen.
In his biography, The Forgotten Naturalist, John G Wilson has gone in search of Alfred Russel Wallace and not only awakens memories of him but has brought him to life in this compelling study.
Retiring from this arena, I will propose a different sort of solution that may yet afford the naturalist some satisfaction.
These stories begin with the park's first superintendent and end in 1950 with the park's chief naturalist.
Our entire mission is to give shoppers a convenient, educational, and confidential place to research and purchase natural health products," said Whitney Anderson, CEO of the Naturalist Network, owner and operator of the MotherNature.
The 2012 recipient was "Critical thermal maxima of captive-bred Devil's River minnows {Dionda diaboli)," The Southwestern Naturalist 55(4): 544-550, by J.
In 1962 the appearance of naturalist Rachel Carson's Silent Spring not only sparked debate on pesticide and ecology issues; it helped change the nature and effectiveness of preservation efforts around the world.
a 25-year- old great horned owl perched on the hand of naturalist Roger McClure.
In the summer of 1969 naturalist John Muir, then a young Scottish immigrant joined a crew of shepherds in California's Sierra Nevada mountains, keeping a diary while tending sheep and reflecting a newfound love for the area.
By 1875, as joint editor with his friend Charles P Hobkirk (the subject of a later article in this series) Porritt brought out The Naturalist, journal of the West Riding Consolidated Naturalists' Society and General Field Club Record.
If you're taking a nature walk in Pennsylvania's beautiful Pocono Mountains, you want the naturalist John Serrao as your host.
Beebe was a famous naturalist who became obsessed with oceanography, and had his own research station off Bermuda, along with the support of many industrialists of his times.
This is a midden site, where the early people dumped their trash,'' said Amy Busch, the Catalina Island Conservancy naturalist who was leading our group of 10 hikers.
Explorer, novelist, naturalist and Zen Buddhist Peter Matthiessen defies classification.