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planted so as to give an effect of wild growth


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If the Saudi citizenship is revoked from a naturalised individual, it is usually also withdrawn from any other naturalised individuals who helped them obtain it.
Qatar naturalised a massive number of Sunnis in a bid to destabilise Bahrain and subvert its social and demographic pattern, the report said.
The new regulation will be enforced on naturalised citizens who acquire passports through cheating - giving false statements, hiding essential information or submitting forged documents.
LONDON - UK Home Secretary Theresa May wants to strip naturalised terror suspects of their British citizenship in a last-minute amendment to an immigration bill expected to face strong opposition in parliamentary debates Thursday.
Let me explain why I am sceptical about Flanagan's attempt to present Buddhism naturalised.
The larger-flowered Dutch crocus, also work well naturalised in grass or gravel, although can be susceptible to weather damage, especially when the flowers are fully open.
Water the bulbs when the autumn is dry and the soil is like dust, and don't use weedkillers or fertilisers in the area, as naturalised bulbs are happy without any artificial stimulants.
The naturalised quartet - Brazilian-born Antonio Naelson and Leandro Augusto and Argentines Lucas Ayala and Matias Vuoso - have been included, much to the disgust of goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.
You need a huge amount of snowdrops to achieve a naturalised effect quickly, so it's probably best to build up the carpet gradually, planting some more clumps every year.
Information on over 55,000 people who became naturalised British citizens between 1844 and 1930 is now available free on its new website at http://www.
Summary: Council of Representatives rejects proposal to make naturalised citizens wait 10 years before applying for housing benefit
PARLIAMENT descended into chaos yesterday as MPs argued over proposed amendments to the 1976 Housing Law that would see Bahrainis categorised as originals and naturalised.
Well over 300,000 naturalised bulbs, which can be found on roadside verges, and in excess of 280,000 spring flowers and bulbs planted in tubs and beds are set to bloom from March to June.
The first citizenship ceremonies have recently been held, as immigrants become naturalised Britons.
MANAMA: A law allowing the government more powers to strip naturalised Bahrainis of their nationalities has officially taken effect.