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a wild primitive state untouched by civilization

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The funding will be used to restore upland and lowland peatlands to their natural state by increasing their capacity to prevent carbon entering the atmosphere, reduce flood risk by slowing the flow of rain water and creating habitats for vulnerable wildlife.
and they've just sealed a deal that gives them a Class A in "The Natural State.
Under the deal, expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year, the business journal's CEO and publisher, Rob Gutteridge, will become a co-owner of the combined operation's parent company, Natural State Media, which is based in Fort Smith.
Rather it is a reserve of land usually declared and owned by a national government, meant for the protection and preservation of the outstanding scenery, natural landscape, majestic and awe inspiring places, natural flora and fauna in natural state and protected from hunting, cutting of
Getting decking back to its natural state can be a tricky job
Scientists from New York's Rockefeller University announced that an area twice the size of France may be able to return to a more natural state as increased yields and decelerated population growth reduce the burden on farmland.
A conservation group is buying up grassland in Montana, USA, with the intention of returning it to its natural state.
What happened to allowing it to return to it a natural state thus reducing the flood risk potential?
We have to say that at the beginning that natural state is what people think it is, not what natural state really is, so at this time we are able to say that natural state is a mentally experiment made possible by political thinkers and political philosophers during the age of Modernity.
Raw foods are kept close to their natural state without processed additives.
1 : in a natural state and not changed by special treatment : raw <crude oil> <crude sugar>
The largest state in the country, Alaska's natural state has more to offer than its stereotypical tundra.
The natural state of ungrazed land is a wilderness of gorse, bracken and weeds.
Of being a robot no more can be said/than sleep is a natural state.
One proposal in the report is to leave the Rocky Peak overpass at the top of the Santa Susana Pass in a natural state for an animal crossing, possibly adding a decomposed granite surface rather than pavement, and even moving the on- and off-ramps there to another location.