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a shape created by natural forces

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The results suggested that nearly half of the patients had hearts that had gone back to their natural shape or geometry.
Functionality and craftsmanship come together: Using 3D forming glass technology, Samsung has combined the curved glass and metal to create a seamless singular smooth yet natural shape.
The company added that the US Patents 9,189,886 B2 and 2013/0249908 A1 expand its exclusive ability to create accurate 3D human models learned from natural shape and pose variations captured from data inputs such as images or range maps.
It can be posted into a catheter during surgery, inserted into the brain, and opened up into a tiny mesh tube (flow diverter) that fits into the natural shape of the blood vessel.
The Softgrip[R] handle features a sculpted profile to fit the natural shape of your hand.
Dr Zaid Abdulaziz Al Mazim, consultant general surgeon at Dubai Hospital highlighted that early treatment is the best way to preserve breasts, battle the cancer and is also helpful for those women who need partial or total breast reconstruction as early diagnosis gives plastic surgeons several clinical options to preserve the natural shape and function of the breasts.
Dip the angled eyeliner brush into brow powder and fill them in, following their natural shape but making them slightly fuller.
natural shape of ducks' necks while the heads are in opposite directions towards the outside.
Each key follows the finger's natural shape, increasing typing accuracy and maximising comfort for users especially when they are working on the laptop for a long period of time.
This honeymoon and bridal lingerie will make every woman feel polished, perfect and seductive in intimates that caress her curves and natural shape.
Its anatomical shape and "natureform" forefoot and toe area are specially designed to support the foot in a more natural shape.
Circular connectors are a natural shape for handling round cabling from high-speed digital, analog and power systems.
While this is essentially the same draw as from hip carry, this position uses the natural shape of your body to better conceal your gun.
It supports and flatters the body, making it the perfect natural shape under any red carpet dress.
There are three main body shapes and we should embrace these and enhance them, as opposed to fighting them – your body will always try to return to its natural shape.