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a biologist knowledgeable about natural history (especially botany and zoology)

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DEBORAH COHEN is a Senior Natural Scientist at the RAND Corporation.
The other natural scientist studies the functional relations between behavior and environment and specializes in equivalence relations of the kind explicated by Sidman (1994).
Not only a fantastic reference book for school assignments, Science Now is packed with the latest scientific breakthroughs and guaranteed to stir up the natural scientist in all of us.
In this docu-drama, Christopher Eccleston brings Humboldt, a Prussian natural scientist, back to life.
In her introduction, Lear promises the collected writings will "give the reader what is missing from the more famous of Carson's works--a sense of her evolution as a natural scientist and a creative writer.
The practice of augury in Borneo has received at least a passing mention from nearly every natural scientist or ethnographer to visit the island since the 19th century.
As for the natural and social sciences, I cannot imagine criteria that would classify, for example Jane Goodall as a natural scientist studying unknowing objects and quantitative economists as social scientists studying knowing objects.
In future, these licences will be issued by members of the veterinary profession and members of the natural scientist profession with the appropriate expertise required to perform such licensing functions.
Ludwig Leichhardt was a natural scientist who emigrated from Germany to Australia in 1842 and proceeded to have major adventures in the outback.
I am a humanities and social scientist, rather than a trained natural scientist, but in leading our discussions I will take account of other evidence such as the Centre for Alternative Technology's new energy strategy "Zero Carbon Britain 2030", and the views of highly distinguished Welsh climate scientist Sir John Houghton, former co-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
MEININGER Hotel Berlin Mitte is situated in the historical spot where the natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt lived until his death.
Watkins, senior natural scientist at RAND in Santa Monica, Calif.
Chung, assistant professor of pediatrics at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA and a senior natural scientist at the RAND Corp.
Professor Alister McGrath, a Natural scientist at Oxford University, was an atheist who is now a professor in theology at Oxford.
Here two professors were especially important for the student: Reformed pastor Christian Krafft and natural scientist Karl von Raumer.
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