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The restoration of health and well-being is not strictly a matter of natural science.
DONDE: Houston Museum of Natural Science, One Hermann Circle Dr.
This is perhaps the most important section of the book, since it deals with the respective positions of the two writers on causation and miracles and leads to the last four sections, which discuss the natural sciences.
Whereas natural science conceives nature as merely a collection of isolated things, the Naturphilosophie responds to our primordial sense of nature as elemental, and thus recognizes that what it means for something to be natural is in part determined by human sensibility.
School groups in the spring and fall can participate in Little Tree and have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in natural science, history, and the philosophy of the mountain people.
Hussain argues that Nietzsche's scepticism and his reliance on natural science can be reconciled if we consider him to be proposing views similar to those we find in the philosophy of Ernst Mach.
Bartsch, president of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, with Mark Mauthner, associate curator of gems and minerals.
Van Horne, America's Curious Botanist: A Tercentennial Reappraisal Of John Bartram 1699-1777 is an anthology of essays by learned authors, most of which were first presented to Philadelphia's Bartram tercentenary conference in May 1999, concerning the contributions John Bartram and his contemporaries made to 18th-century botany and natural science.
Reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek started me on a 10-year quest to learn more about the relationship between natural science and theology.
The negative thesis he argues for is that social science ought not to try to be like natural science.
The vast earth and biological data holdings of the USGS and its natural science expertise in biology, geology, hydrology, and geography make it an effective partner in enhancing knowledge and understanding of natural resource conditions, issues, and problems.
Charles Knight, conservation biology and research coordinator of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science lectured on research conducted in the natural science field.
Two main alternatives have emerged: (a) Infiltrate the already organized discipline of psychology and convert it into a natural science discipline with a properly useful kind of focus on behaviors, (b) Establish an independently organized natural science discipline existing apart from organized psychology.
While he departs from Religion and Science by eliminating his treatment of the historical science/religion relationship and the comparison of scientific and religious epistemology and conceptuality, he follows the natural science topics of that earlier work, adding material on neuroscience and the mind/body problem.
The Greeks, notwithstanding their discovery of philosophy, retained the idea of a cosmos that was enchanted, and so they could not develop natural science worthy of the name (pp.
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