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the science of matter and energy and their interactions


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Faraday's correspondence shows his engagement with the leading natural philosophers (mainly chemists and physicists) of the day, in England and abroad.
Aware of this instability, the seventeenth-century natural philosophers who probed nature's secrets made some effort to circumscribe the powers of nonhuman matter.
Bacon's presence as a central character in Greene's play and his creation of a talking brass automaton are not accidental: By the early 1500s this Friar had become an icon for alchemy's dangerous social effects, and had come to be seen as a wizard more than a natural philosopher.
Although most of the works he produced at Avignon were theological or apocalyptic in content, at least two, the Liber lucis and the Liber de consideratione quinte essentie omnium rerum, were alchemical--although John disdained the term alchemy, preferring to style himself a natural philosopher.
Take the Space theatre company is bringing Hanging Hooke, the story of 17th-century natural philosopher Robert Hooke, to Southport Arts Centre.
Organised by Birmingham University, Birmingham City University and The Birmingham Assay Office, the conference is open to all and will consider Boulton as a pioneering industrialist, a natural philosopher and a patron of the arts.
Mather had no trouble reconciling himself as a servant of God and as a natural philosopher.
His section on "The Problem of Nature" includes a penetrating discussion of the political aspects of primogeniture and of bastardy, which brings a new perspective to the function of the Gloucester sub-plot and to the character of Edmund, and his section "A King Becomes Philosophical" traces the "logical-historical trajectory from non-philosopher through natural philosopher to political philosopher .
They asked the esteemed natural philosopher and inventor Robert Hooke for assistance, but Hooke was unable to provide the requested solution.
Moreover, the book considers Cavalcanti's poetry--first and foremost the canzone "Donna me prega"--in the context of the philosophical debate of the period, and always looks at Cavalcanti as a poet, a natural philosopher, and a logician.
If the hand of the Kantian strikes swift and sure because his heart is not moved by any traditional reverence; if the F ichtean courageously defies all danger because for him it does not exist at all in reality; so the natural philosopher will be terrible, for he had allied himself to the primal forces of nature.
Another beacon of the age, the British natural philosopher Sir Francis Bacon, was so intrigued with the topic that he invented a taxonomy, with four categories: "The Ordinary Flatterer," "The Cunning Flatterer," "The Impudent Flatterer," and "The Arch-Flatterer.
A superb season, including the Triple Crown, followed, but it has always been our contention that Lester, not a natural philosopher, had exhausted his stock of truly serious questions by Arc day and was resorting to inquiries about mundane issues such as currency movements.
Horky faces some difficulty squaring this identification with Aristotle's treatment of Hippasus as a natural philosopher in the Metaphysics.
Klein is the only person I know who could take these short far-seeing remarks and turn them into a finely tuned forty-three page paper on "Einstein and the Wave-Particle Duality," The Natural Philosopher 3 (1964).