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the physical universe considered as an orderly system subject to natural (not human or supernatural) laws

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Rather, we now accept them as key elements of and aesthetic equals in the natural order.
Shadows reconnects us with this natural order -- putting us in touch with the people that are powering the web -- moving past our exclusive reliance on algorithmic search.
Change is inevitable, except from vending machines, so will the natural order of events be upset in South Africa?
Therefore, he warned the faithful that instead of attempting to devise their own moral rules, they should recognize "the dependence of human reason on Divine Wisdom and the need, given the present state of fallen nature, for Divine Revelation as an effective means for knowing moral truths, even those of the natural order.
All life is observed in nature, like watching a younger and an older ram rush a flock of frisky sheep; the dedication and enthusiasm of the youngster drives the other bananas for he doesn't have a million to confuse the girls and challenge the natural order of things.
The lead character's is led into four realms of Oblivion - two of Order, two of Chaos, where she must restore natural order by redressing balance which is threatened by .
Sadly, we direct so much of our energy to destroying nature, interfering with the natural order of things.
The natural order of things dictates that someone will come along and take Jordan's game and improve upon it.
Lauster argues that when Ficino does think about sin, it is in an ontological sense; sin becomes a reversal of the natural order (64-75); when one sins it is in reality because of a lack of knowledge (202-03).
Einstein's theories of special and general relativity, repudiating the clockwork Newtonian cosmology, opened our eyes to a frighteningly arbitrary natural order that bucks attempts at categorization.
Mocked and ultimately beaten, she refused to accept her punishment as part of the natural order.
The Chapmans promise nothing - no sorting out of the natural order, no reassurance about the continuity or status of art in the '90s - and, ironically, in this respect they deliver an art of substance configured along cultural fault lines.
Usually such a morale- sapping and counter-productive activity has been the monopoly of English cricket, which is why this change in the natural order of things has been so refreshing.
It's the natural order of things that Barr has grown to a point where it's time to share leadership responsibility," said Mr.
Change--sometimes massive change--is the natural order of things.
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