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Andrew Vigneault, CEO of ClearGraph, added, "ClearGraph was founded because we saw a need to bridge the gap between humans and computers through natural language, especially when it comes to exploring data.
But despite great progress, natural language processing's potential has not yet been fully realized, and the technology still struggles to climb the peak of inflated expectations.
Natural Language "Understanding" language (NLU): means knowing what concepts a word or phrase stands for and how to link those concepts together and is Machine Understandable Input: natural language text
Sybase shares Dejima's vision that natural language technology is an essential component of effective mobile solutions," said Antoine Blondeau, CEO at Dejima.
Another approach to natural language processes focuses on the development of artificial neural networks.
Gaizauskas and Wilks (1998) reported that applied work on filling structured records from natural language texts originated in two long-term research projects: The Linguistic String project (Sager, 1981) at New York University and the research on language understanding and story comprehension carried out at Yale University by Schank and his associates (Schank, 1975; Schank & Abelson, 1977; Schank & Riesbeck, 1981).
Many researchers claimed their natural language programs could perform impressive feats of understanding.
MetaDolce Technologies, founded by former Intuit leaders, provides premium Semantic Natural Language search technologies and applications to transform the enterprise search paradigm.
TuVox speech applications automate virtually any type of call, including natural language call-routing, self-service transactions and interactive customer support.
With the EasyAsk natural language data query and reporting technology, insurance companies can access more business intelligence which will allow them to make more timely and informed business decisions," said Dan Sobotincic, CEO of HarCase Software.
Teragram, the leading provider of multilingual natural language processing technologies, announced today the launch of Direct Answers for the Enterprise, a technology that searches documents within corporations to break down users' queries and find simple answers to their questions.
Customers Gain Integrated Access to Critical Business Data and Operational Intelligence Through Easy-to-Use Natural Language Guided Search Capabilities
com), the leading provider of software solutions based on linguistic technology, is pleased to announce that its AnswerWorks(TM) natural language search solution has been integrated with the WritersUA Web site.
The Progress EasyAsk Division, a leading provider of natural language ad-hoc query solutions, and an operating unit of Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS), today announced Bernie Prusaczyk has joined the company as Vice President of Sales.
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