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This achievement is linked to the development of the natural language systems described earlier in this article.
Paice continued his work to improve on this technique and for resolving a number of issues in natural language processing (see, for example, Jones & Paice, 1992; Paice & Husk, 1987).
Businesses are not likely to see natural language processors with full human understanding of language in the near future.
MetaDolce Technologies offers a suite of Semantic and Natural Language search and analysis tools that are powered by the Patent Pending COGITO[R] Semantic Engine, the worldwide recognized leading Semantic technology from Expert System S.
Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, EasyAsk has long been a leader in natural language information analysis and delivery software.
Natural Language descriptions can be restricted by date, court, judge, or attorney, and synonyms can be added by using a new online thesaurus.
The EasyAsk natural language data search and query product is the latest example of the innovative application infrastructure technology Progress delivers to help us meet our customers' needs.
As a result of the proposed acquisition, AskMeNow will offer the first search technology to automate true natural language information retrieval and provide mobile phone users worldwide with specific and accurate results--without links--when asking questions.
The Progress EasyAsk Division provides natural language question/answer solutions that empower non-technical users to quickly find and retrieve critical business information.
The combined solution will include applications such as Perfect Router, an award-winning natural language call routing application, Voice-Enabled Knowledge Base and over 30 speech application modules.
com), the natural language, contextual search and guidance engine that emulates the human thought process, announced that 80 percent of online visitors to EasyAV that use its contextual search window for sales help are then making a purchase.
Dictaphone Corporation today announced the introduction of mdEssential(TM), the industry's first software solution designed to automate the clinical documentation process in the clinic and physician group practice markets by combining Dictaphone's voice dictation, speech recognition, and natural language processing (NLP) technologies.
ATG is now leveraging the power of its award-winning natural language search technology acquired from Primus to enable integrated, natural language catalog search to allow end users to more quickly and intuitively get to the products and services that best meet their needs.
The five sites (Ann Taylor, Coldwater Creek, Land's End, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom) were tested on the basis of how well their search windows were able to recognize natural language search terms.
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