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T cell with CD8 receptor that recognizes antigens on the surface of a virus-infected cell and binds to the infected cell and kill it

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Restoration of TLR3-activated myeloid dendritic cell activity leads to improved natural killer cell function in chronic hepatitis B viru infection.
Distinct roles of IL-12 and IL-15 in human natural killer cell activation by dendritic cells from secondary lymphoid organs.
Natural killer cell enumeration and function in HIV-infected and high-risk uninfected adolescents.
In normal physiology, natural killer cells defend against viral infections and eliminate neoplastic cells.
When the intra-individual differences between the data of treatment period II and treatment of period I (both adjusted to the baseline data; 14) were calculated after 1 week of treatment significant differences were found for the number of CD8+-T-lymphocytes and natural killer cells which again corresponded either to a decrease caused by verum treatment or an increase caused by placebo.
Calorie restriction suppresses the activity of natural killer cells, one type of white blood cell that guards against viral infections and abnormal growths.
Immediate recognition of virus-containing cells makes natural killer cells an important and early line of defense against viral illnesses such as human papillomavirus, cytomeglovirus, and HIV.
Another supplement to consider for short-term use is enzymatically modified rice bran, which has been demonstrated to have overwhelming benefits in boosting natural killer cell activity.
Among the topics are a historical overview of immunological tolerance, dendritic cells as arbiters of immunity and immunological tolerance, natural killer cell tolerance, the immunogenetic architecture of autoimmune disease, and current and future immunomodulation strategies to restore tolerance in autoimmune diseases.
Study leader Dr Dwight Evans fromthe University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia said: "The present findings provide evidence that natural killer cell function in HIV infection may be enhanced by selective serotonin re-uptake inhibition and also by substance P antagonism in both depressed and non-depressed individuals.
In contrast, CBT was associated with moderate to large improvements in natural killer cell count and activity, inflammatory mediators, number of infectious illness episodes, and depressive symptoms.
Also, no significant differences were seen between groups in functional immune measures, including natural killer cell cytotoxicity and T-cell proliferation.
Blastic natural killer cell leukemia/lymphoma: a clinicopathologic study.
Ads claim it boosts immunity by increasing natural killer cell activity.
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