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magma of any composition that cooled very rapidly

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Pumice is a volcanic rock formed during explosive volcanic eruptions of acidic and highly viscous magma; it is an extremely vesicular (vesicles are bubble-shaped openings formed by the expansion of entrapped gases), frothy, natural glass having a high (60-75%) silica content and very low density that in some cases float on water; it consists of fragile acicular glass and minerals (in particular, feldspars).
The line includes all-purpose cleaner, glass + surface natural glass cleaner and bathroom tub + tile cleaner.
The pitch at the Bluebirds' home is a weave of synthetic and natural glass and has to cope with regular football and rugby matches.
Most of these natural glass droplets occur in the form of microspherules ranging in size from 1mm to a few tens of micrometers (Fig.
Nature's Source, a new line of natural cleaners from SC Johnson, uses its current brands to launch natural versions such as its Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner by Windex and an All-Purpose Cleaner by Scrubbing Bubbles.
I don't expect it, I just dream one day we can squeeze our head past what I think is our natural glass ceiling and get there from the league.