natural glass

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magma of any composition that cooled very rapidly

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Ancient thermometers The layer of material that formed with age on the surfaces of ancient artifacts made of natural glass revealed the temperatures that the artifacts had experienced (170:110).
The company offers high altitude, alkaline water in an all natural glass container and is designated as a premium brand by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.
Colors range from pale blue-green natural glass, to rich amber, to deep cobalt blue that appears nearly black unless lit.
Green Works[TM] Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner
Layne Bowen, sales and account manager for Redwood Building Maintenance, exclusively uses Green Works Concentrates Natural General Purpose Cleaner and Natural Glass Cleaner for all his accounts.
Mighty Grip Glass Bottles: Made with sturdy, natural glass for worry-free feeding, both sizes have a contoured design making them easier to hold.