natural gas

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a fossil fuel in the gaseous state


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The global natural gas market has seen many changes that have influenced the supply of natural gas, such as the Shale Gas Revolution in North America, the Fukishima disaster, Japan's increased demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG), and new entrants in the natural gas market through unconventional gas (shale gas, tight gas, coal bed methane etc.
Depleted Storage Field: A sub-surface natural geological reservoir, usually a depleted oil or gas field, used for storing natural gas.
An additional reason for the increasing price of natural gas over the last few years is the lack of new production capacity.
Intelligent Energy's founders have a proven track record of success providing natural gas and services in both Florida and Georgia.
Natural gas vehicles are operated by Verizon, Road Runner, the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale, the Antelope Valley Schools Transportation Agency, American Honda, G&S Transit Management, City Cab, Super Shuttle Anaheim, Coast Shuttle, Arcadis Super Shuttle, California General Services, General Services Administration and The Gas Co.
Underground natural gas storage is a critical component of the US natural gas supply, balancing flat production and weather-driven, highly seasonal demand.
com site helps centralize natural gas pricing and providers for Georgians to review and order their home service.
Credit concerns are manageable and involve the utility's inherent sensitivity to weather conditions and maintenance of adequate liquidity and operating margins to meet increased capital expenditures and continued volatility in natural gas prices.
The STAR program is a voluntary partnership between the EPA and the natural gas industry to encourage voluntary reductions in the emissions of methane.
Traditionally, underground storage is defined as the storage of natural gas in underground reservoirs at a different location from which is was produced.
Entitled The Northwest Gas Outlook, the 2006 update explores various factors affecting natural gas demand in, as well as supply and infrastructure serving the Pacific Northwest through 2011.
Based on the new rates, the average residential customer who uses 60 therms of natural gas will save approximately $29.
The ISE-REVERE Natural Gas Index was developed in response to growing interest in natural gas as an environmentally-desirable alternative to oil.
Virginia Natural Gas, a subsidiary of AGL Resources (NYSE: ATG), announced today that its customers should see a significant drop in their natural gas bills in the fourth quarter of this year as compared to the same time last year.
So far this year through August 31, we have realized approximately $740 million in cash gains from our natural gas hedges and, as of yesterday's market close, the mark-to-market gain on our remaining 2006 natural gas hedges was approximately $460 million.