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family planning funding because of their "religious or conscientious commitment" to exclusively offer natural family planning methods, this clause is balanced by the rights and needs of clients seeking health services and information.
NATURAL family planning can be as effective as other methods in preventing pregnancy when the person using it has been properly trained and is sensible in its use.
News reports described this speculative potential for "multiple ovulations" as if they had actually occurred and questioned the efficacy of natural family planning methods requiring accurate estimates of the days when a woman is fertile.
The beads are simple to follow and clearly alert women to irregular cycles that make them poor candidates for natural family planning.
Current Title X regulations require that all family planning projects (usually clinics supported in part by Title X funds) provide "a broad range of acceptable and effective medically approved family planning methods (including natural family planning methods) and services (including infertility services and services for adolescents).
I am privileged to be able to teach Natural Family Planning, the ONLY method which allows for male and female responsibility in family planning.
use some form of contraception, compared to three percent who use natural family planning, according to a 1991 study.
Based on the "old sperm" theory, women who use the natural family planning method of birth control might be at greater risk of giving birth to a DS baby because this method requires infrequent intercourse -- creating old sperm -- prior to ovulation, the peak time for conception.
And Mexico's Roberto Sanchez Mejorada, ABC, tells of being in Caracas, Venezuela, where he and his wife Maria gave a seminar on natural family planning to 300 medical doctors.
It is based on the Standard Days Method[R], a highly effective natural family planning method.
One American couple, Alice and Jeff Heinzen, spoke about the beauty of family life and the advantages of natural family planning, a practice embraced in the church's teachings.
Unreliable natural family planning makes it impossible to plan a life in any meaningful manner.
Terry McDermott offered personal insights on Humanae Vitae and Natural Family Planning on April 29, 2014 on your web site.
The Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is open only to natural family planning programme.
I scheduled an appointment with the priest and he assured me that natural family planning (NFP) was the way for us to go.