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The next measure necessary is to identify and to access alternative modern financing sources for an ex-ante approach so as to complement the existing resources, in order to reduce the financing gap that may arise after an extreme natural event.
Yet the local peoples resist such a plan, as such radical change would alter their way of life--Tuareg nomads and Islamic tribes initiate a war, and only a cataclysmic natural event can bring an end to the suffering.
Duval found the claims may not be excluded, as the term "flood" may be read only to refer to a natural event and not the result of human errors in the construction and maintenance of the levees.
This is a natural event we're talking about, so we need time just to make sure the canyons are safe and stable.
The objectives are to strengthen: (a) infrastructure against the adverse impact of natural events through the implementation of physical mitigation measures; (b) the response capacity in case of an adverse natural event through capacity building, equipment purchase and investment in emergency infrastructure; and (c) the institutional capacity of the various ministries and agencies dealing with disaster management through the provision of adequate facilities, critical equipment, technical assistance and training.
She proposes that women have been going through menopause for thousands of years, therefore it is a natural event in the lives of women.
It is like a natural event and everybody has to play a certain role.
In this context vulnerability encompasses both physical and social characteristics that increase individual or societal susceptibility to the affects of an extreme natural event as well decrease ones ability to recover after and event has occurred.
When water has been thus compromised, a natural event such as a change in water temperature can trigger the complete transformation and eventual demise of a lake, a process that is difficult to halt once started.
For those living in the upper Midwest, the Northeast or Northwest, ponds and lakes are a natural part of the ecosystems there and digging a hole and waiting for it to fill is a fairly natural event in those areas.
The value of each structure can be analyzed based on how it reacts to a natural event such as a rainstorm or heat wave.
Even back then, though, thinkers such as Socrates suggested that lightning was a natural event that could be explained by science.
People who want to witnesses this strange natural event flocked to the bridge over the River Sakarya.
What's not clear is whether a natural event caused Mr Griffin to stumble or whether his death was just as a result of the collision.
Environment Officer Adam Cooper said: "The algal blooms, particularly when viewed close up, can very easily be mistaken for sewage but local people and visitors to the area can rest assured that while the foams or scum washed inshore aren't particularly attractive, their presence is a natural event which occurs most years.
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