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a naturally enclosed space


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We use the term rewilding to refer to a soft release process by which captive-born tigers gradually learn to survive on their own in a large natural enclosure and then they are eventually returned to a more natural environment.
The resulting tree-like objects are both simple and dramatic without being overwhelming; they are a sketch of a grove, an abstraction of natural enclosure.
After two years of fighting red tape, the foundation set the lions free in a huge natural enclosure on South Africa's Shamwari game reserve.
On its third year, the Family Desert Camp, one of the main events of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), has several natural enclosures made of hand-woven palm leaves with either a single or a couple of tents in them.
Tarot's work often references natural enclosures and simple architectural forms.
The tour: Aa - An educational video is shown to give an insight into the conservation efforts the centre is undertaking - Visitors will be offered well-trained and knowledgeable guides while visiting lions, tigers, cheetah's and leopards as well as many other cat species in natural enclosures at close rangeAa - Photographic opportunities will also be offered at the ADWC.
The natural enclosures and arches are made by planting cut willow branches in the ground and weaving their shoots around one another.
LONDON Zoo have announced they're getting rid of bars and cages and replacing them with natural enclosures.