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common brownish-yellow short-legged toad of western Europe

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Volunteers clean up on the course after the Open Championship at Royal Birkdale Pictures: MARTIN BIRCHALL; Far from the madding crowds as embers at Royal Birkdale return to the course and the famous 18th hole; Bob Taylor, senior ecologist with the STRI, (centre) is confident Royal Birkdale will return to its natural splendour not only as a golf course but also home to the Natterjack Toad (left) and sand lizards (right)
Under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, anyone treading or otherwise harming or interfering with the Natterjacks or their habitat risks a fine of up to pounds 5,000.
Golfers and spectators at Hoylake's Royal Liverpool Golf Club are to be handed leaflets warning them not to interfere with the rare natterjack toads that inhabit the sand dunes alongside the links.
Phil's detailed censusing of the area this year bodes well for the natterjack population, with 266 spawn strings discovered in suitable pools so far.
So, for example, they were cautioned not to leave loose sand around as this could encourage natterjacks as they like to bury in loose sand.
The job involves more than just the course but also taking care of Hoylake's plants, its birds and small creatures, including the natterjack toads.
Natterjack toads have been successfully reintroduced to North Wales after becoming extinct in the 1990s
Natterjacks,as a rare species,are protected by British and European law,not to mention English Nature,Cheshire Wildlife Trust, the Herpetological Conservation and Wirral Council.
They regard Mr and Mrs Natterjack and family as tasty morsels and devour them voraciously.
Without the work done by English Natureand the Sefton Coast Management Scheme this landscape would have been lost and with it the natterjacks and sand lizards.
The Sefton coast is also a `last resort' for natterjack toads.
html Natterjack 10K The 2018 Natterjack Seaside 10k will be taking place on Sunday, September 23, and will start at Princes Park in Southport.