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Synonyms for nativity

birth of Christ


  • birth of Christ
  • manger scene

Synonyms for nativity

the theological doctrine that Jesus Christ had no human father

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LThere are more than 100 Nativity sets on display in the Liverpool Cathedral Shop, which is thought to be the largest collection of Nativity sets in the city.
Perfect for Halloween, Christmas and even Easter, The Zombie Nativity is a great way to put your own spin on the holidays.
The figures are life-size, and are spatially arranged in a traditional arrangement, but on the other hand, the Minimal Nativity is a direct reversal of all our worn-out, saccharine and cliched images of the Nativity.
Co-founder Siobhan Freegard joined the site's users in calling for children not to be bombarded with commercial messages this winter and to protect school productions of the nativity.
Little stars aged just three and four from Bede Academy Nursery performed the traditional nativity story alongside more modern Christmas songs such as Wonky Donkey and Clap Dance.
St John's Nativity |in Winsford Avenue December 1987
This exhibition traces the depictions of the nativity from the Byzantine tradition and western Medieval art to the 17th century, while also going beyond the Baroque period, which was the stepping stone towards the Renaissance and the Classical era.
I don't get all the wringing of hands over the news that only a third of schools now stage a traditional nativity play.
IT was the highlight of my year when I was cast as Mary in the school nativity play.
NORTHBORO -- Living Nativity, a live reenactment of the birth of Jesus, will be presented at 6:30 p.
THE countdown to Christmas has started and we've some bumper film prizes to mark the release of family comedy Nativity 3: Dude, Where's My Donkey?
Nativity Lutheran Church is by Pacific Northwest standards an average-sized congregation in the Northwest Washington Synod of the ELCA located in the suburban bedroom community of Fairwood, about twenty-five miles southeast of Seattle.
He begins his treatment of astrology and nativities with an introduction to sefer ha-mohadot, a rectification of the nativity, then moves to a prediction of the length of life, and a continuous horoscopy of nativities, necessary to keeping the system working.
Summary: An amazing modern take on the Nativity story, called No Pressure, has won this year's Nativity Factor short-film competition.
Anyone who has erected a nativity scene is following Francis' 13th-century example.