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a speaker of a particular language who has spoken that language since earliest childhood

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Sherlyn Leong said that the native speakers brought more to students than Korean teachers believed.
The native speaker is under attack but I would dare say it still is in pretty good shape" (2009: 48).
A quick search online reveals that a number of schools, colleges and training centres in Oman have 'must be native speaker of English' as one of the criteria for teacher vacancies -- not necessarily to teach the language but for techniA[degrees] cal subjects as well.
Yet, leaving things to some angelic native speaker to look over will not do the trick.
Figures from the Department for Education showed that more pupils in Sandwell, Wolverhampton, Solihull and Coventry who had learned English as an additional language - known as EAL learners - met the target than their native speaker peers, while the reverse was true in Birmingham, Walsall and Dudley.
Dr Robert McColl Millar, of Aberdeen University's linguistics department, said: "It is the first time an actual Scots dialect has so dramatically died with the passing of the last native speaker.
And, talking about teachers, why do we usually think that the best teacher would be a native speaker, because s/he can represent the target language we are trying to learn?
The study sought to shed some light on the complex interface between non native speakers and critical writing by describing the characteristic features of specific non native speaker critical texts.
Rampton (1990) on the other hand, notes that most individuals associate the concept of 'nativeness' with the notion that an individual can only be a native speaker of one language; therefore, people are, or are not, native speakers.
omission of the definite and indefinite articles where they are obligatory in native speaker English and insertion where they do not occur in native speaker English
Peter Lucantoni -- the Resource Person in a workshop for the teachers of English held at Hodeidah University in collaboration with the British Council, Sana'a, openly declared that "the native speaker and the BBC models are not good models".
Native speaker contact seems to have an impact too, resulting in the higher frequency of the discourse marker (particularly at the textual level) among those learners who have had extensive contact with native speakers.
The Rosetta Stone[R] Language Learning System uses a total immersion environment so that you're not learning to translate the language but are encouraged to think in the language--the same way a native speaker learns.
Although I was raised in Ghana and did endure the whip from time to time, I was interested in Cameron Duodu's comparison of English and Twi (NA May), and his comment that if Twi is difficult even for the native speaker to learn, "just imagine the problem they posed for someone who was learning Twi as a second language".
Now the student can come home from work or school, relax and then log-on for a 20- or 40-minute English class with a native speaker in Ireland.