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carnivorous arboreal cat-like marsupials of Australia and Tasmania

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FLORENCE - Cougar sightings along Kingwood Street have prompted the city of Florence to issue a warning to residents, asking everyone to keep an eye out for the large native cats.
These beauties - tigers of the Highlands as they're called - are Britain's only native cats and can be seen just in small areas of Scotland.
Casting an eye over the intercounty landscape in 2011, Carter believes that his native Cats and champions Tipperary will battle it out again for the top prize.
It may be that it's a type of bandicoot or a marsupial related to native cats," ABC Science quoted Paleontologist Henk Godthelp of the University of New South Wales, as saying.
In addition to the 22 native cats, a large number of pedigree cats will be participating.
Their method of hunting these native cats really pushes the definition of "sport.