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someone who copies the words or behavior of another

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Finding virtually any business listing in Egypt just got a whole lot easier with our BlackBerry Native application," said Marc Lambert, Regional Managing Director for Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd.
Similar to Fibre Channel SANs first being adopted for LAN-free backup, iSCSI-enabled ATA disk arrays and tape arrays will form one of the early native applications of IP SANs.
OSLO, Norway -- Trolltech today announced an expanded agreement with Motorola regarding the use of Qtopia Core as the native application development platform for Motorola's MOTOMAGX Linux-based mobile phone platform.
NASDAQ: AAPL) today released a series of developer products that will accelerate the availability of native applications for its next-generation of Apple(R) PowerPC microprocessor-based personal computers and servers.
Users of CAD, technical, training, and business applications can create and share files in their native application format while retaining continuous control over how the information is used.
New for Maximizer 9 is MaxMobile - a native application for the Windows Mobile platform.
SXE will combine the security benefits of a "sandbox" on the device with the benefits of a native application approach.
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