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a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived

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Blackwell, a native Australian, began his career with IBM Australia and later worked as director of equity trading and derivatives with the Australian office of SG Warburg.
Native Australian Rod Hardy began his directing career in his homeland, where he directed some of Australia's most successful television productions.
I can throw a boomerang a lot better than I can throw a football," said Bennett, who is a native Australian.
Native Australian Lyn Schmidt, a five-year JDA veteran, was promoted to vice president, managing director of Asia Pacific Operations.
Before joining Apple, Diery, a native Australian, was with Wang Laboratories, where he served in various executive roles, including executive vice president, worldwide field sales; senior vice president, U.
Taylor, a native Australian, holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from the University of Western Australia and was a founding member of Lycopodium Pty Ltd who were responsible for the successful design and construction of over 15 global gold mining projects.
It features an Aboriginal elder, an Australian native Australian natives are black.
The 86 new star names the International Astronomical Union approved in the last year have roots in Mayan, Polynesian, Chinese, Hindu and Coptic words, as well as those from native Australian and South African tongues, according to the (https://www.
This is not to say that there are no instances of respectful engagement with bush foods in Australia--Scottish-born chef Jock Zonfrillo, at the helm of Adelaide-based restaurant Orana, recently built on his incorporation of native foods in his restaurant's menu by setting up a research partnership with the University of Adelaide to 'foster the research and cultivation of native Australian ingredients for the benefit of remote Indigenous communities'.
Many native Australian animals are commercially attractive and the illegal take and trade of them is a significant issue across Australia and internationally, Mr Miles said.
At the bottom of the recto page which indicates the future, a native Australian looks mournfully at the reader.
He was a native Australian, which is perhaps why the topic of "Globalizing Your Board" resonated with him--that was the title of the article that he authored for Directors & Boards in 1996.
Edwards, a native Australian who has made America his home for many years, speaks with concern about how Americans are often perceived today around the world.
These native Australian bird farms, like the one I experienced, continue to be popular in the land down under.
The native Australian actress portrays writer and British secret service operative, Gertrude Bell, in the film.