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  • verb

Synonyms for nationalize

to place under government or group ownership or control

Synonyms for nationalize

put under state control or ownership

make national in character or scope


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Last year, Morales retreated from proposals to nationalize the Bolivian assets of foreign-owned oil, gas, and ore companies, notably the Brazilian firm Petroleo Brasileiro SA.
A few days earlier, Chavez announced plans to nationalize companies in the telecommunications and electricity industries, and called for greater government control over natural-gas projects and the media.
Bolivia moved to nationalize its natural gas industry, second only to Venezuela in reserves.
The Bolivian government's bid to nationalize its oil and gas industry is setting off alarms in trade credit and political risk insurance markets, even though this development is a wreck experts have seen coming for some time.
In between, he praised Tokyo for eliminating financial socialism at precisely the same moment that the authorities were talking of having to nationalize the banks and were relying on semi-official banks like Shoko Chukin to rescue companies denied funds by private banks.
Are they saying that they want to (1) put all children to work so they are covered by company health care plans, or (2) make health care insurance affordable for children to purchase their own plans, or (3) have children pay their own health care costs or (4) nationalize incrementally health care so the taxpayer covers the health care insurance costs?