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Synonyms for nationalization

the action of forming or becoming a nation

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the action of rendering national in character

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changing something from private to state ownership or control

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Lebanon's stance, then, will be outright rejection of nationalization," he said.
When asked about possible solutions to alleviate the nationalization problems, respondents feel that hiring levels for national talents could be improved if nationals had access to better educational and vocational training facilities (24 per cent); if there were better co-ordination between the government and the private sector (22 per cent); or if there were better incentives for the private sector from the government (16 per cent); and better co-ordination between educational institutes and companies (15 per cent).
As a result, Government authorities in the region have developed various policies to promote nationalization in the public and private sectors by initiating programs that aid training and development of nationals across various fields.
What at first glance might seem a minor matter--the nationalization of a company in a sector that is relatively insignificant, given the volume of international and domestic air traffic in a poor country--became, however, proof of the government's decision to leave no sector without a strong state presence and, at the same time, ratify the essence of a model that is gradually putting the country's economy on a sound footing.
The Kawadir Nationalization Centre will extend these efforts by providing training and development to Emiratis.
If systematic problems are established, there is a way to change laws, there is a way to change electricity meters," Djankov stated Wednesday in an interview for the Cross news agency, commenting on the calls for the nationalization of power distributors.
Venezuela: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has ordered the nationalization of the ferry company operating routes to the northeastern tourist island of Margarita, citing poor services.
The meeting will discuss key issues related to job nationalization including Nitaqat (Grading-System) Program for the employment of Saudis in the private sector.
Instead of being perceived as a Bolshevik idea of nationalization would be something pragmatic (1).
Algeria has provisionally appointed law firm Shearman & Sterling LLP to advise it on the nationalization of Orascom Telecom's local mobile phone unit, the official news agency reported on Monday.
We therefore introduce the possibility of subsidization and nationalization of private firms in the analysis of Klaus M.
The National Assembly approved the law on May 7, allowing for nationalization of services including water injection at wells, gas compression and dock control.
Still, he went on, the United States has a "different set of cultures" than Sweden, and Americans would find nationalization a hard pill to swallow.
A BACKDOOR NATIONALIZATION (The Wall Street Journal, New York)