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Winners, runners up and second runners up will have a seat during Madaraka Day celebrations on June 1st 2018, the first national holiday presided over by the head of state.
Answer: Pursuant to your query, an employer may ask its employees to work on national holidays and compensate its employees by granting a day off on another day provided the employer pays 50 per cent extra remuneration for working on a national holiday.
Ooredoo's special song for Kuwait's national holidays reached 2 million views on YouTube in less than one week of its launch.
On behalf of the people of Azerbaijan and on my own behalf, I cordially congratulate you and the people of your country on the occasion of the national holiday of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Victory of the Islamic Revolution," the congratulatory message said.
May I add that it is the most important national holiday for all proud Turkish citizens, regardless of whether they are at home or perhaps (temporarily) overseas; it is definitely celebrated.
Currently May 6 celebrates Press Martyrs Day and is not observed as a national holiday by the Lebanese government.
In any other country, a national holiday would serve as an opportunity not just to take pride in a country's past but also to reflect on its current state and future prospects.
Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday celebrated in India to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the "Father of the Nation".
The capital city of Ashgabat held the celebrations dedicated to Turkmenistan's national holiday of Melon Day, the Turkmenistan.
A bill was introduced in the Israeli Knesset last week that would establish a national holiday to recognize and celebrate aliyah, or immigration to Israel, JTA reports.
Irish-themed chain O'Neill's, which has pubs in Broad Street and Moseley, is pressing the public to back its calls for the March 17 celebration to become a national holiday.
On 28 October, an event was held on the national holiday of the Czech Republic-Day of Establishment of Independent Czechoslovak Republic at the Hilton hotel in Baku.
Business-as-usual for the down-trodden and poorest sector of the community, is merely an extension of their servitude and it is high time that BAH and RAIN celebrate the same national holiday in the same way.
On the eve of the National Holiday of France (July 14, Bastille Day,) President Serzh Sargsyan visited the Embassy
The Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi has announced the decision to pardon 569 criminals to mark the October 6th national holiday.
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