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the debt of the national government (as distinguished from the debts of individuals and businesses and political subdivisions)

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BEIRUT: Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt Tuesday restated his view that to reduce the national debt, Lebanon needed to find a lasting fix for the electricity sector.
She added: "There is something seriously wrong when the Government can divert massive financial resources from the sale of 25% of its AIB holding to make a marginal impact on the national debt burden while almost 100,000 people languish on public housing lists across the country.
The main themes of National Debt Conference are: sustainability of public debt, management of public debt and transparency of public debt.
1 trillion dollars has been added every year to the national debt.
But where has the National Debt of PS1,700,000,000,000 gone?
The text argues that, while there are a great many books out there that examine the amount of national debt and the relative need for deficit spending, there are very few that examine the ways in which the U.
1) Public sector debt (D3) = general government debt (D2) + nonfinancial public corporation debt General government debt (D2) = national debt (D1) + nonprofit public institution debt National debt (D1) = central and local government debt
The problem with all of that is once you depart from maximising the receipts to ay down the national debt, you have to do it in a way that doesn't favour one class of taxpayer over another.
In a stock market disclosure, the Treasury said it has now recouped PS14billion from the sell-off, all of which has gone towards reducing the national debt.
15) is mistaken in trying to add student debt to national debt.
National debt of Kyrgyzstan, according to preliminary results for 2014, is $ 3.
Only five countries studied have deleveraged since the global financial crisis -- Israel by the most, having reduced its national debt by 22 percentage points.
FIRST I would like to clear up certain confusion that seems to exist between fiscal or budget deficit and national debt.
Then comes Health (19 per cent), Education (13 per cent), State Pensions (12 per cent), and National Debt interest payments (seven per cent).
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