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As per to a statement issued by CommonWell and NATE, the aim of the agreement is to establish a mutual synergistic and complementary relationship with the goal of enhancing cross-vendor interoperability to better assure provider and patient access to health data regardless of where care occurs.
Before Nate begins to mine however he is taken hostage by Lakota Sioux and given a choice: either be taken in by the band and live as one of them or be killed.
Season two opens tonight with Nate, who has been diagnosed with a vexing brain malady that might - or might not - trigger a debilitating stroke at any second, coming to terms with his new-found mortality.
Anritsu shares many of the same initiatives as NATE in terms of representing the professionals who are deploying, installing, and maintaining wireless networks.
At the outset of the summer, 13-year-old Nate Winslow of Cape Cod issued "Nate's Challenge," (http://kids.