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pool that provides a facility for swimming

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1991 ASHRAE Handbook--HVAC Applications, Chapter 4: Natatoriums.
4 The sounds in the natatorium after a long shift hurt the ears of the employees--employees experience a "ringing in the ears" when leaving work.
The natatorium is served by two energy recovery based dehumidification units with integral water source heat pumps.
The 90-foot-long river experience includes floating alongside the 50-foot, 40,000-gallon Aquarium, which is the central focal point of the natatorium.
CO proceeds will be used to finance construction and equipment of a new library, animal shelter, natatorium, and improvements to other public facilities.
Remove the existing cameras in the Natatorium and reuse the CAT5 cable if possible and/or pull new CAT5 cable for the new cameras if existing cables will not work.
An energy recovery-based dehumidification unit serves the natatorium and consists of an air-to-air plate-type heat exchanger, closed loop water source heat pump with an integral hot gas reclaim coil to provide dehumidification and maintain space temperature.
Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium and Water Works, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Five Oregon State swimmers won individual events Friday in a 100-78 Pac-10 Conference victory over Washington State at Stevens Natatorium in Corvallis.
80 at Texas A&M's Student Recreation Center Natatorium to equal the mark set by Matt Biondi of Cal in 1987.
5 miles of the Olympic Village, Centennial Olympic Park, Natatorium, Coca Cola Theme Park or the Georgia Dome Stadium.
Tenders are invited for Construction of central auditorium & natatorium.
Jeanne Wunderle, Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium and Water Works
Oleg and Yelena Krayzelburg were at the Indiana University/Purdue University Natatorium in Indianapolis last month when Krayzelburg won his way onto the U.
to supply all of the Electronic Ionization Water Purification Systems for the University of Virginia's new Gilmer Recreation Center Natatorium.