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the ratio of live births in an area to the population of that area

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The CDC analysis was based on natality data from the National Vital Statistics System.
dagger]) Natality data from New York City are reported separately from those for the state of New York and are not included in New York estimates.
For the purpose of defining the natality measures of population policy in the Bela Palanka municipality, a survey was conducted in order to find out the opinion of the population about the types of measures that would be most effective for raising the fertility level.
For Arendt, it is because of our uniqueness that we can act anew, bringing natality in the community.
We calculated monthly rates of population increase (r, instantaneous rate of increase), as well as natality (b, number of plants germinated in a given month) and mortality (d, number of deaths in a given month) rates.
Specifically, we estimate the drug's effect on rates of a STD (gonorrhea), natality rates and sexual offenses rates including rape, and divorce rate.
Natality according to Arendt (1958) lays bare our nature which continually unfolds into ever new beginnings revealing our capacity to always conceive new futures.
It refers to two demographic phenomena: natality and mortality.
2) Natality inequality: Given a preference for boys over girls that many male-dominated societies have, gender inequality can manifest itself in the form of the parents wanting the newborn to be a boy rather than a girl.
Somehow, the advent of Robot labor is linked to a mysterious infertility in the world's women, which ultimately causes the global natality rate to bottom out.
They should be able to use the terms keystone species, carrying capacity, social carrying capacity, limiting factor, natality, and mortality.
Thus, our position from the gap between no longer and not yet considers Hannah Arendt's concept of natality as the capacity to renew, and Natasha Levinson's wager that the primary role of education is to preserve natality and ensure that the gap between past and future "remains a space of freedom and possibility" (2001, p.
Coetzee, Kazuo Ishiguro and Philip Roth, and Sebald and Kluge, is developed by a productive reliance on Arendt's work and her concepts of insertion and natality, according to which every human being's action in the world represents the possibility of a new beginning.
The conceptual clarification draws on such notions as power, violence, world, imperialism, evil and humanity and introduces such new concepts within the international as plurality, action, agonism, natality, political immortality and making.
I personally think that Albanians have no problems with abortion and with the issue of natality.