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the ratio of live births in an area to the population of that area

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If burden is positively associated with age, risk will be overestimated unless age-specific natality rates are taken into account (Axelrad and Cohen 2011).
Sen observes that a controlling patriarchal order is very much reflected in at least six cases, placing women in lower status: survival inequality, natality inequality, unequal facilities, ownership inequality, unequal sharing of household benefits, and domestic violence, each having an element of discriminating patriarchy.
Rather, the point is to reveal that neoliberal globalization has stimulated and encouraged some socially beneficial forms of entrepreneurialism and activism in ways that very much exemplify Arendt's core concepts of plurality, agency, freedom, natality, and, critically, amor mundi, or love of the world.
Using the introduction of the laws over time, we use a difference-in-difference analysis using two datasets, the Natality Detail File and the Pregnancy Risk Assessment and Monitoring Survey (PRAMS).
In "Keats for Beginners," Brian McGrath studies Keats's poetic gestures of beginning in "Sleep and Poetry" and "Endymion" alongside political philosopher Hannah Arendt's radical reorientation of "political, as distinguished from metaphysical, thought" in relation to beginning rather than ending, to natality and not mortality.
Arendt, probably influenced by Augustine in her later work, The Human Condition, defines Jesus' philosophy of forgiveness as a political virtue to make the possibility of pluralism and what she calls natality in the space of societal operations.
The natality in Bulgaria during the last five years is at the level observed in number of Europeans countries2 like Greece, Switzerland, Romania, Malta and Hungary.
The data for the report were obtained from the National Vital Statistics System's Natality Data File, which is the primary data file for analyzing birth trends and pat terns in the United States.
The demographics of its core population are not very different: the natality of the population of European descent is below replacement level.
Vital Statistics of the United States, 1994, Volume 1, Natality.
The capacity to see plurality begins with acknowledging the complexity of relations present in any teaching and learning situation, as well as the capacity to utilize this relational complexity as a productive natality furthering teaching and learning.
We used annual birth data from the Natality Detail File for 1994-2005 and population estimates from the Current Population Survey (CPS) for 1993-2006 to generate the data for our analysis.
The 58th issue of this demographic yearbook from the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations offers updated statistics on population, natality, fetal mortality, infant and maternal mortality, general mortality, nuptiality and divorce rates for the entire world.
Recent, very sophisticated analyses of these SES health disparities in Scotland, based largely on routinely collected natality, hospitalization and mortality statistics, give little cause for optimism.