natal day

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the date on which a person was born


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One among them considered her ticket as an appropriate birthday gift as she celebrated her natal day on Saturday.
I've long been struck by the fancy that, consciously or not, Christians and agnostics, men and women, all start behaving like expectant mothers in the weeks of Advent, leading up to Christ's natal day.
The centennial festivities also included a historic narrative depicting the life of Alonzo Herndon and Atlanta Life, a Founder's Natal Day Celebration & Parade, an art symposium and a black-tie gala.
In secret pleasure, secret tears, This changeful life has slipped away, As friendless after eighteen years, As lone as on my natal day There have been times, I cannot hide, There have been times when this was drear, When my sad soul forgot its pride And longed for one to love me here.
but my son and granddaughter should have our glorious country handed over to them in better condition than it was on my natal day.
200 YEARS AGO: On Tuesday here, as every where else, the natal day of our beloved Sovereign was celebrated with the most zealous loyalty and joy.
she asked friends, associates, clients and family gathered to help her celebrate her natal day.
On Tuesday, Affleck turned 45, and the "Justice League" star opted to celebrate his natal day having dinner with his three children, Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5.
3 out of 100 cases of eclampsia died, one patient died because of intracranial hemorrhage on post natal day 4 (CT showed hemorrhage in the right frontoparietal region with intraventricular bleed).
Today is, of course, St George's Day, but perhaps equally significantly, it also celebrates Shakespeare's birthday - the natal day of the genius whose immortal masterpieces are interpreted and reinterpreted in a thousand fascinating ways by The Royal Sha kespeare Company.
The real event being celebrated - along with the annual natal day fete of megabucks mogul Victor Newman - is the 25th anniversary of ``The Young and the Restless,'' daytime's No.
So, I cushioned him, because the way it is going, these dinners will go on until February when his lifetime partner, Bob Miller, celebrates his natal day, which will then extend for another three months, just in time for a seven-month premature delivery.
The "On the Floor" singer will turn 48 on Monday, July 22, while the former New York Yankee player will celebrate his natal day on Thursday, July 28, (http://www.
PERSONAL: Best tidings and greetings on the 89th natal day of Cebu Congressman Pablo Garcia Sr.
Father Prospero Gacis, one of the early Filipino members of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) in the Philippines, died in his sleep Thursday morning, a day after he quietly celebrated his 91st natal day at the Oblates Buldoc Home in Fairview, Quezon City.