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Synonyms for nastily

in a nasty ill-tempered manner


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nastily explosive riots getting inner eardrums sore.
When it comes to the Tartan Army, it won't be easy to find a kilt that doesn't clash quite nastily with those pink and yellow stripes.
South Africa were seriously hampered by the loss of Morne Morkel to an ankle injury, with the fast bowler only able to send down two overs in the second innings, before nastily turning his ankle while fielding at fine-leg.
But like those rampaging Dinosaur ants of South America who wander far and nip nastily, the trucks are back.
As for Cowan, who limped off in the 74th minute on Saturday, Wilkin said: "Gavin hasn't broken anything but it's swollen up quite nastily so we'll have to wait to see how it settles down.
Did Rohani get cold feet as some of the hardliners at home began muttering nastily about the evils of dealing with Washington?
Try saying anything unkind about Justin Beiber or the Twilight saga and you're likely to get trolled as nastily as anyone ' defending' NaMo.
If so, he was punished for cheating nastily, and it is harder to feel sympathy for him.
This is a nastily vindictive measure, which has no real objective other than to penalise children, as the wage cuts the union opposes have already been implemented.
However, with the score at 28-18, Shneck limped out of the game as he turned his ankle nastily.
When I tell dog-owners to put their dogs on leads, many of them react nastily.
When we eventually ran out of food, the goose parents came right up to the boat and hissed at us quite nastily, so we untied the mooring, started up the engine and quacked off, never to return.
Though it follows the reductive paradigms of men-on-the-make laffers, the low-budget, flatly shot pic rarely turns nastily shrill or swaggeringly stupid in tone; redemption and/or sanity is usually waiting in the wings.
Jordan's spokesman said last night: "When she is wrongly criticised, nastily and verbally attacked and abused in front of her children, who were plainly distressed by this man's behaviour, then she naturally reacted in a way any mother would.
They've postponed the wedding, but Libby and Dan decide to take the honeymoon - except Sam makes him miss his flight, then nastily says she doesn't want Libby in their baby's life.