nasogastric feeding

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feeding consisting of delivering liquid nutrients through a tube passing through the nose and into the stomach

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Patients in both groups received oral food at an average of 4 days; only 1 of 17 patients in the nasogastric feeding group could not tolerate feeding, compared with 9 of 18 patients in the NPO group.
Patient Safety Alert NPSA/2011/PSA002:Reducing the harm caused by misplaced nasogastric feeding tubes in adults, children and infants.
In the acute phase nasogastric feeding is the route of choice, and where necessary a nasal loop or bridle is used to keep the tube in place (Bevan et al, 2010).
3) Nasogastric feeding is often inadequate as food pools in the stomach and duodenum, proximal to the level of obstruction.
He had been fed on nasogastric feeding tube since birth.
2-4) Potential risk factors for the development of MEE in non-ICU hospitalized patients include a supine body position, the use of an orogastric or nasogastric feeding tube, medications that may impair mucociliary clearance, and bacterial colonization of the upper aerodigestive tract.
5) and were no less likely to need supplementary oxygen, nasogastric feeding or ventilator support than controls.
We used historical pharmacokinetic data in our analysis, as it was deemed impractical and unethical to subject 10 healthy volunteers to 7 days of TB treatment, a nasogastric feeding tube and 24 hours of pharmacokinetic sampling.
However, nasogastric feeding tubes are difficult to maintain in position and pose a significant risk of aspiration and pneumonia (Hsu et al.
BOSTON -- Nasogastric feeding is safe and feasible for infants with viral bronchiolitis.
Dysphagia necessitated nasogastric feeding for a further week and mild dysphonia persisted for two weeks.
Doctors inserted a nasogastric feeding tube and later a gastrostomy feeding tube (g-tube) to provide Rachel with the important nutrition she was unable to receive from a bottle.
Doctors placed her on a nasogastric feeding tube so that she could receive nutrition.