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the craniometric point at the bridge of the nose where the frontal and nasal bones of the skull meet

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Table 1 and 2) (Anterior face height: Nasion (N) to menton (Me), Upper face height: Nasion to Anterior nasal spine (ANS), Lower face height: Anterior nasal spine to menton.
Statistically significant differences were found only for the variable basic upper lip thickness, upper lip thickness, Pog, Rhi, Sn, Labiale inferior, labiomentale in high-angle group; for the variables basic upper lip thickness, upper lip thickness, nasion, Rhi, Sn, Sto, labiale inferior in low-angle group; for the variables basic upper lip thickness, upper lip thickness, Pog, H angle, Nasion, Rhi, Sn, Sto, Labiale inferior in normal angle group between the genders.
The total distance between the nasion and the inion and the total circumference of the head are shown as dashed blue lines
0001 Table 2: Skeletal and dental measurements Landmark Definition Skeletal measurements SNA Angle formed between Sella, nasion and point A SNB Angle formed between Sella, nasion and point B ANB Angle formed between point A, nasion and point B FMA Frankfort's mandibular plane angle.
It appeared to be the head of a mushroom-type growth, with the stem arising through the nasion.
Compared to NCAP test data, the clearance between the AF05 chest and the dash increased in all cases, as did the AF05 nasion to windshield clearance (Table 10).
The headset uses the international system 10-20 to collect data from the cranium's key nodes: nasion (near the frontal lobe), inion (occipital lobe), and the pre-auricular points.
Normal value of important cephalometeric measurements include MP-H (17 [+ or -] 6 mm), PAS (10 [+ or -] 3 mm), PNS - P (42 [+ or -] 5 mm), FMA (Frankfort Mandibular plane angle) (24 + 5[degrees]), and SNA (Sella to nasion to point A) (83 + 4[degrees]).
Their positions were determined with respect to the nasion and preauricular points by an Isotrak 3D digitizer (Polhemus, Colchester, VT, USA).
On the effect of GH on the cranial base, treatment after age 7 is known to be unable to bring the values up to normal range since ACB is integrated around age 7, and growth after that point is made by bone infiltration at nasion.
Wlasciwosci mechaniczne zloza nasion rzepaku wyznaczane w tescie jednoosiowego sciskania.
In the case of the length of the ear, the variables taken into consideration were nasion to subnasale, glabella to subnasale, glabella to trichion, and subnasale to gnathion distances.
17, 18, 19), La convexidad facial corresponde a la distancia en milimetros medida desde el punto A de Downs al plano facial, entre los puntos Nasion (N) y Pogonion (Pg).