nasal twang

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exaggerated nasality in speech (as in some regional dialects)


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He is convinced that the nasal twang you hear all the time came originally from Jamesie - and if it did all I can say is I'm sorry.
In my mind's ear I can still hear that sublimely self-righteous, flat and uninflected drone wafting from the radio, his voice rising ever so slightly, his sentence endings trailing off leaving a nasal twang hanging in the air.
And the child tries to do his nasal twang and is very embarrassed.
Zappa's best-known song is probably 1982's ``Valley Girl,'' performed with daughter Moon Unit reciting lines of teen slang, such as ``like, barf me out'' and ``fer shure, fer shure'' in a nasal twang.
Stan Ridgway still sings with a distinctive nasal twang.
With a nasal twang and a perky gait, Ziemba grabs the evening's honors.
Indeed, from the outset of the narrative, language is portrayed as a contested site of inter-subjective exchange: Moses intends to counter the "lies" of others with his own "common--sense" views; Harriet sings the promise of reciprocal dialogue even as she rationalizes slavery; Mingo speaks at times with a voice that sounds exactly like Moses's nasal twang and at other times with the exaggerated dialect of a Sambo character.
He's singing away with that daft smile and weird nasal twang as he falls, in glorious slow motion, under the wheels of a car.
He didn't have the trademark Gannex raincoat, nor was he chewing on a pipe, but he screwed his face up as if he was, then did a passable imitation of the ex-Premier's nasal twang.
Slim, slicked-back black hair, Errol Flynn moustache, clipped Louisiana nasal twang, the Evangeline Downs' vice-president smiles again.
An obvious nasal twang was observed in the speech of the patient.
If words like 'lid' are now said (I haven't heard it - but I am 54) I am sure that when they are uttered they still have our famous nasal twang.
At the Edinburgh Film Festival last August he sported a nasal twang from halfway between Teeside and Manhattan.
We're away tonight kiddoes," he said in that Liverpudlian nasal twang that was soon to become so familiar.