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Synonyms for nasal

a consonant produced through the nose with the mouth closed

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an elongated rectangular bone that forms the bridge of the nose

of or in or relating to the nose


sounding as if the nose were pinched

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Usually, nasal intubation is done through direct laryngoscopy with the conventional Macintosh laryngoscope and using the Magill forceps to guide the preformed nasal tube onto the trachea.
Twenty-one of the detainees fasting are being force fed through nasal tube due to their deteriorating health and five hospitalized, according to official estimates as of April 29.
At present the faeces is inserted into the recipient using colonoscopy or nasal tube but researchers are developing a less off-putting method.
Fed through a nasal tube, the child weighs under 10kg.
The only other option was a nasal tube but that is a very uncomfortable measure.
Jurors heard she crushed up pills and fed them through her daughter's nasal tube, handed her morphine and injected three syringes of air into her vein after she made a failed suicide bid.
She can only say a few words at present and communicates by putting her thumbs up or down and has been fed through a nasal tube.
Wandless said it was common practice for Gingell to dose his horses with sodium bicarbonate a couple of hours before they ran, either with a syringe or through a nasal tube.
The Sniff Magnitude Test, developed by two scientists at the University of Cincinnati, consists of a nasal tube attached to a plastic container about the size and shape of a coffee thermos.
A well lubricated nasal tube is introduced into the nose in a plane that is roughly perpendicular to the face and gently advanced along the floor of the nose into the pharynx avoiding excessive force.
Two operations followed and for five months Tom, who lives with wife Joyce in Houghton-le-Spring, had to be fed through a nasal tube.
Anna, a supermarket cashier from Worcester, is now being trained to feed him through a nasal tube at home.
Jeremy Martin, spokesman for the Joint Task Force Guantanamo, said there are currently nine hunger strikers, five of whom are being fed through a nasal tube and "all are clinically stable.
Lisa, who lives with husband Chris, 36, a supermarket manager, and their daughter Laura, five, in Brixham, Devon, said: "When I breast-fed him, the milk wouldn't stay down so doctors put him on a nasal tube to feed him.
However, high ventilatory pressures led us to suspect tube malposition, so the nasal tube was replaced with an oral tube by using a stylet.