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infestation of the body by the larvae of flies (usually through a wound or other opening) or any disease resulting from such infestation

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First Report of Human Nasal Myiasis Caused by Eristalis tenax in Iran (Diptera: Syrphidae).
Moreover, in rural areas and in developing countries, infestions in dogs and cats could go unnoticed or undetected most likely because an in vivo diagnosis of nasal myiasis in carnivores is possible only if larvae and/or puparia are collected by pet owners or clinicians and correctly identified.
Ophthalmomyiasis and nasal myiasis in New Zealand: a case series.
Nasal myiasis is a rare condition, with only a few reported cases and no treatment consensus.
A case of nasal myiasis caused by the larvae of Telmatoscopus albipunctata (Williston) 1893 (Diptera: Psychodidae).