nasal concha

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one of several turbinate bones in the nasal cavity

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Type 4: presence of two crests, one at the level of the head of the middle nasal concha and the other on the opposite side (in the valve area) with impaired valve function.
We suggest that microfractures in the bone tissue of the middle nasal concha might be sites of nasal/paranasal mucosa ingrowths as a precondition for spreading to the pneumatic space of the concha bullosa.
Therefore, the inferior nasal concha was shifted in the direction of the nasal septum by fracture and the inferior nasal meatus was broadened.
ions and loss of Clions in comparison to the unaltered epithelium of nasal concha [30].
A third notable finding was a more concentrated attachment of H7N9 viruses in ciliated cells of the nasal concha, trachea, and bronchi, suggesting the potential for efficient transmission among humans.
For the cytologic examination, nasal epithelial cells were swabbed from both sides of the middle third of inferior nasal concha by the translational and rotational movement of a small nylon brush (as commonly used in bronchoscopy).
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Skeleton Disarticulated(Original All Bone With Separated Skull Bone: Frontal, Parietal, Occipital, Temporal, Sphenoid, Maxilla, Mandible, Vomer, Ethamoid, Zygomatic, Hyoid Bone, Nasal Concha ) For Anatomy Department.