nasal cavity

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either of the two cavities lying between the floor of the cranium and the roof of the mouth and extending from the face to the pharynx

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OptiNose devices are designed to reliably deliver nasal medication to target regions of the nasal cavity, including the sinus and olfactory regions, while preventing lung deposition.
In the nasal cavity, surgical options include endoscopic excision, lateral rhinotomy, and even facial degloving, depending on the size and location of the lesion.
The olfactory epithelium is a -- located at the roof of your nasal cavity.
The radiolabeling allowed researchers to use an innovative gamma camera to create images showing where the radiolabeled powder and liquid were deposited within the nasal cavity.
It has been previously documented that OptiNose nasal powder device offers improved deposition in the nasal cavity of sumatriptan to segments innervated by the first and second trigeminal nerve branches," said Per G.
Schwannomas of the nasal cavity are rare benign tumors, and those that arise from the nasal septum are even rarer.
The RhinoChill Device uses the nasal cavity for cooling," Dr.
In the past few years, for example, Buck and her colleagues have shown that each nasal cavity has four so-called expression zones.
As air moves up the nasal cavity, nose hairs and mucus (a slimy, moisturizing substance inside the nose) collect these trespassers.
In general, drugs entering the nasal cavity are readily absorbed across the highly vascularized nasal mucosa directly into the circulatory system, avoiding first-pass metabolism in the liver.
Hamartoma of the nasal cavity is rare and is generally considered to be self-limiting.
A specimen containing much of the midface, including the nasal cavity and upper jaw, is larger than the corresponding region in modern humans but otherwise looks much the same, they note.
Kurtz theorizes that when Matthew's head hit the windshield, he damaged or severed some of his olfactory neurons, millions of tassel-like nerve cells in the nasal cavity that--when funtioning--can detect some 10,000 odors (and nearly as many flavors).
The product, which will combine MedPharm's novel formulation with OptiNose's device, will enable quick onset of action by direct delivery of the improved formulation to the target sites in nasal cavity.