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portico at the west end of an early Christian basilica or church

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a vestibule leading to the nave of a church

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The Spirea Veche Church, built before 1765, went through certain changes in the 19th century, in 1832, 1834, 1847, 1865 and 1883, when lateral apses were added to it, its veranda was closed, a bell tower was added, the proskomedia was increased, its windows were enlarged and the pillars between the nave and the narthex were removed.
But tourists go in anyhow, and weave wide-eyed through narthex, chapels, transcepts, apse and look as though they wished they could believe, acknowledging the truth of human lapse by what proclaims it visibly, alone: the weightlessness of ransom wrought in stone.
The porch, narthex, central aisle and sanctuary are paved in Hazeldean stone with oak flooring to the rest.
7) Burnham's support for Haacke, and Haacke's admiration for Burnham, vectored them both to MIT--arguably the narthex of all things system in 1967-68.
Within the scope of these renovations, the narthex of the mosque has been rebuilt and replicas made of damaged wood carvings from within the mosque.
In Scotland I recall that the monetary "offering" might take place in the narthex after the service was over, lest there be any confusion on the issue.
He was told that he could put it in the narthex but chose to hang it behind the altar during the offertory.
In one formula we developed, bride and groom met together in the narthex and walked to the front of the church together, hand in hand.
Regular church-goers, who are most familiar with such spaces, may smile the most as the rodents scurry from the narthex to the chancel, belfry and sacristy, steadfastly avoiding the mouse-adverse ladies of the alter guild.
It is a great chance that these two women represent the figures of Maria and Stanca, as it was a common practice in the age for the founders to stand as models for the figures painted in the narthex (100).
The narthex featured large urns filled with a variety of mixed white flowers including hydrangeas, French tulips, lilacs, and roses.
After more than a decade of lurking in the narthex, a couple of years ago I tiptoed into the sanctuary of a small Episcopal parish in suburban Chicago and found safe harbor.
In the west narthex of the Cathedral is a large abstract window given by the Dickinson family that depicts the herbs used in healing.
The glass walls in the narthex aim to show the intersection between daily life and the life of prayer.
The windows in the central narthex and former baptistery (now bookshop) and mortuary (now vestry) are signed 'Harry Clarke Studio, Dublin 1962'.