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Synonyms for narrow

Synonyms for narrow

affording little room for movement

not broad or elevated in scope or understanding

having the restricted outlook often characteristic of geographic isolation

to make smaller or narrower

Synonyms for narrow

a narrow strait connecting two bodies of water

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make or become more narrow or restricted

become more focus on an area of activity or field of study

become tight or as if tight

not wide

limited in size or scope

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lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view

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very limited in degree


characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination


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Opt for mid-height narrowish but not stiletto heels.
You enter the house through a kind of horizontal retort, a narrowish pass between a brilliant pink wall and a cylinder of silky grey concrete -- the base of the same cylinder glimpsed outside, it encloses a cloakroom.
When planted either side of a short, narrowish path they can give the impression of greater length.
Some of the red runs involve narrowish paths which can be tricky, even for experienced skiers.