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reduced in size as by squeezing together

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made narrow

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The empty balloon is threaded from an artery in your groin into the narrowed artery in your neck and once in place it's inflated to open up the narrowed section of the artery.
The difference in yield between 10-year ``B''-rated bonds and comparable Treasury notes has narrowed nearly 1 percentage point over the last three months to 2.
In contrast, a trial in which the issues have been properly narrowed and joined will provide the court with a road map through the record.
It is also clear, however, that the gap between the United States and other major industrial countries has narrowed substantially over the postwar period as per capita income and productivity have grown substantially faster abroad.
Resverlogix has now completed the second stage of the process, the scientific review and conditional terms portion, and can announce that is has narrowed its candidate selection from seven to two.
the Swby SIMPLE: A narrowed artery with catheter in place and balloon inflated can boost your blood flow
To prop open narrowed heart arteries, doctors increasingly are using stainless steel mesh cylinders called stents.
deficits with China and Japan narrowed substantially in November, but analysts cautioned against drawing conclusions about trends.
One factor contributing to the easing of upward pressure was that interest rate differentials favoring the dollar narrowed further in October as a result of interest rate increases abroad.
An ischemic stroke can occur when carotid arteries become narrowed and when small particles of atherosclerotic plaque become dislodged from the diseased artery wall.
The cave soon narrowed into a twisting tunnel, with the passageway growing so narrow that at places I could have touched both walls with my outstretched arms.