narrow gauge

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a railroad track (or its width) narrower than the standard 56

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2 billion in the two major narrow gauge rail lines that traverse several sections of the country.
Narrow Gauge Capital is a private equity firm formed by a group of professionals who previously invested with Monitor Clipper Partners.
The Guinness Book of Rail Facts and Feats has described Kalka- Shimla Railway as the greatest narrow gauge engineering in India.
The Brecon Mountain Railway is now a popular tourist attraction drawing visitors from around the world, fulfilling Tony's vision for a successful narrow gauge railway.
Stan Lawler secretary of Woodhorn Narrow Gauge Railway Society, Joanne Hannay, Rio Tinto regional economic > Society aboard 'RIO-Gen', the new Hunslet locomotive.
Could relaying some Beeching lines using narrow gauge be cheaper and affordable?
Stan Lawler, secretary of Woodhorn Narrow Gauge Railway Society, said: "It is a great relief to have received PS4,400 from the fund.
We have tried this narrow gauge system and we have reduced the load of each coach by 500 kilogram.
Now that we know what a huge asset the narrow gauge railways are to North Wales it is food for thought about the possible opening up and extension of other old lines.
FOR decades the enthusiasts who dreamt the narrow gauge steam railway that once wound its way through the nooks and crannies of Snowdonia's most dramatic landscapes could be reborn were dismissed as nostalgic fantasists.
THE first passenger train to travel along Britain's longest narrow gauge railway was held up yesterday - by a lorry on the line.
He also supported and worked on the Ffestiniog Narrow Gauge railway in Wales from its early days in the 1950's and was the librarian for the national Narrow Gauge Railway Society for more than 50 years.
Narrow gauge Ffestiniog Railway is holding a Quirks And Curiosities event over the bank holiday which features a collection of unusual rolling stock, including a boat and a Model T Ford.
Offering special mobility for passengers and freight, the narrow gauge was quite appropriate for hilly regions such as the Cantabrian (Jose Maria Flores) or river Ebro mountains (Olga Macias Munoz), because of its easier construction.
Nine years later, narrow gauge track was extended to Paddington, providing a three hour and 20 minute express service.