narrow escape

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Synonyms for narrow escape

something achieved (or escaped) by a narrow margin

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But her ladyship's neck, sir, had a very narrow escape.
We suffered much, and made a narrow escape, but fortune befriended us, as well as our mates in the long-boat.
One horse had a heavy fall on the slippery rocks, and the others had narrow escapes.
Nobs, by dint of much scrambling and one or two narrow escapes from death, had managed to follow us up the cliff and was now curled between me and the doorway, having devoured a piece of the dried meat, which he seemed to relish immensely.
Both Woola and I had several narrow escapes from these greedy, arboreous monsters.
She feared for William; by no means convinced by all that he could relate of his own horsemanship in various countries, of the scrambling parties in which he had been engaged, the rough horses and mules he had ridden, or his many narrow escapes from dreadful falls, that he was at all equal to the management of a high-fed hunter in an English fox-chase; nor till he returned safe and well, without accident or discredit, could she be reconciled to the risk, or feel any of that obligation to Mr.
In fact, he rather prided himself on his narrow escapes, and liked to thrill the girls with graphic accounts of his triumphs over wrathful tutors, dignified professors, and vanquished enemies.
Summary: Karimnagar (Telangana) [India] February 27 (ANI): Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had a narrow escape today.
Summary: Modi's wife Jashodaben had a narrow escape in an accident in Rajasthan, reports say
My family had a narrow escape today after @reliancejio 's @Reliance_LYF phone exploded & burst into flames.
Henry Nicholson had a narrow escape from Black Widow killer Clare Humble, who he befriended.
A LORRY driver had a narrow escape when his cement vehicle crashed into a cemetery and overturned on top of graves.
He thanked Allah Almighty for narrow escape of Maulana Fazlur Rehman in this tragedy.
The one Gordon Brown refused to join unless it equalled the pound sterling; a narrow escape because the Euro is worth 80p at present.
From a narrow escape from a zombie apocalypse to a neglected cat litter box, these are hilarious short stories certain to delight many a chapter book and easy reader.