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become more focus on an area of activity or field of study

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New Delhi/ Patna/ Lucknow/ Chennai, March 19 (ANI): Key allies of ruling Congress party on Wednesday continued hectic negotiations to narrow down differences over seat-sharing talks for national polls beginning next month.
That's what the "roadmap," is designed to help you to do: narrow down the list first by finding the diagnostic tests that are likely to be the most helpful.
A spokesman for the Police National Missing Persons Bureau, based at Scotland Yard, said: 'Using our expertise and experience, we have been able to narrow down this list to three or four very potential ones, which we are looking at more closely than any others.
It allows buyers to narrow down searches, and gives sellers the opportunity to showcase their homes, both inside and out.
Maintaining that goal helped us narrow down the field and finally select Brad's firm.
The concept of a dynamic newsletter was initiated to narrow down the target demographics and separate direct mail efforts by patient and consumer.
Information obtained in that investigation indicated that Graham was in the area, and a joint task force was able to narrow down Graham's whereabouts to the Woodland Hills area.
Based on majority answers, no matter which questions you ask (or how many), you can't narrow down the choices to a single pair.
Now, companies can see at a glance what's available, get a sense of prevailing lease rates or sale prices, begin to narrow down the listings, and start the buying or leasing process right away.
Chief Inspector Mike Alderson, the inquiry team spokesman, said he believed it would narrow down the search for the man, who was spotted with the girl at the Granada Services, Knutsford, on the M6 motorway.
com allows consumers to narrow down gift options by inputting basic criteria such as gender and price point.