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Synonyms for narrate

Synonyms for narrate

to give a verbal account of

Synonyms for narrate

provide commentary for a film, for example

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narrate or give a detailed account of

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Therefore, one might also say that when Cohn writes "Seconds later the narrator finds out," she is being a bit imprecise, in that according to Cohn's distinction between the narrating and the experiencing self (167), it must be the latter who seconds later (than the thought, not the narrative of it) discovers the mistake.
What we read is the impersonal voice of the narrative narrating what the ass will not be able to remember (and that he will not be able to remember it).
The Birth of the Prophet (Alsahhaar, 1976) emphasizes the divine mission of Prophet Muhammad by narrating the prophecies and legends surrounding his birth, while Stories of Some of the Prophets (Hashim, 1974) traces the history and development of Islam through short biographies of the various prophets of the Old Testament.
Both books go beyond factual biographical details by narrating important events from an Indian child's perspective.
In addition to narrating books, Heyborne is also a singer/ songwriter.
Adding some sparkle to this set are celebrity voices, including Anthony Edwards narrating ``Goodnight Gorilla'' and Laura Dern narrating a tale of frogs and tadpoles in ``In the Small, Small Pond.
To support this point, I will offer a distinction between self-deceptive and other-deceptive narrating characters and will argue that some texts constantly cause the reader to hesitate between conflicting interpretations of the narrator as belonging to one of these two types.
Can textual signs guide us in determining whether the inconsistency and incoherence of the narrating character's account are a consequence of a distorted (motivational) perception of fictional reality, or an attempt to persuade the narrator's (fictional and real) narratees to believe in his fabrications, which he knows are lies?
In contrast to various dichotomous distinctions such as Russian Formalists' "fabula" versus "sjuzhet" and Todorov's "histoire" versus "discours" (126), Genette makes in Narrative Discourse a tripartite distinction between 1) Story (histoire): the narrative content, 2) Narrative (recit): the discourse or narrative text itself, 3) Narrating (narration): the producing narrative action (27).
Nevertheless--and this is finally very odd--the fictive narrating of that narrative, as with almost all the novels in the world except Tristram Shandy, is considered to have no duration; or more exactly, everything takes place as if the question of its duration had no relevance" (222).
If Douglass gains a certain power through the pleasure of narrating/watching such scenarios, I want to argue that, if Wilson does gain any pleasure in her narrative, it comes from the power she attains through the very act of narrating.
By speaking the unspeakable, by narrating her pain, her body, her body's pain, "our nig" transforms herself from mute, pain-filled object to speaking pain-filled subject.
company (Nasdaq:AMZN), today announced that the "Arthur Celebrity Audiobook" -- a new children's audiobook featuring such notable artists as Clay Aiken, Kevin Bacon, and Kelly Ripa narrating stories from the popular "Arthur Adventure Series" -- is now available for purchase exclusively on Amazon.
Reminiscent of ``The Wonder Years,'' the series features John Leguizamo whimsically narrating the story of the Garcias, a freshly scrubbed San Antonio family embracing its ethnic heritage while wading through the detritus of pop culture.
A generation of skiers who grew up on Warren Miller's ski films remember him narrating the action in person with an intimate feel that filled theaters.