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  • verb

Synonyms for narrate

Synonyms for narrate

to give a verbal account of

Synonyms for narrate

provide commentary for a film, for example

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narrate or give a detailed account of

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Mark Bramhall narrates Arnold's amazing adventure story.
The first few chapters of the book vividly narrate the personal account of the people of Bangladesh, villagers, who suffered tremendously during the crackdown by Pakistani troops in East Pakistan.
Guggenheim Museum of Art's global misadventures in Bilbao (problematic, given the economically depressed and politically charged reputation of its Basque site) narrate the concrete circumstances giving rise to the controversies associated with each institution.
The traditional and most popular story narrates how a group of landowners hold political power during the export-led growth period in Argentina.
The analyses and discussions in this article are all aimed at clarifying a question that most people don't even ask because the answer seems self-evident: "Who narrates in first-person (or what most narratologists call homodiegetic) narrative fiction?
Machine Guts features a deer in a business suit (or more accurately, a figure with the body of a human and the head of a deer) typing away at a computer in a dark room, while a voice-over narrates the story of Anne, a bored retail worker.
The author narrates his story with insight, never allowing his dexterity as a writer to overshadow his material.
I saw him in Simple Justice and fell in love with his voice, and now I only listen to audiobooks he narrates.
In Eyewitness to Wall Street (Broadway Books), David Colbert narrates four centuries of history on one of the world's most famous streets.
Chapter 3 takes us beyond the Alps and narrates the Italian influences on the development of humanism in Germany, France, Spain, and England, and the actual development of various humanisms in those countries.
The first poem narrates the story of Hyperion, the sun god of the Titans, the earlier race of gods who were supplanted by the Olympians.
Each section of the book narrates incidents and anecdotes from Jaffrey's childhood and provides the living connection between folklore and life in modern India.
Marlow describes and analyzes the various sources from which he has collected his information and comments on the significance of the events he narrates.
Jim Lovell narrates, as a reluctant robot (designed to analyze lunar environmental extremes) is subjected to meteorites, loss of atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, and other lunar dangers, all in the name of scientific advancementCoand humor.
The audio pairs the two seemingly different worlds and Levine narrates her own stories of life-or-death struggles and how they held lessons for business and survival in all areas of life.