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Synonyms for narrate

Synonyms for narrate

to give a verbal account of

Synonyms for narrate

provide commentary for a film, for example

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narrate or give a detailed account of

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Thus, Zimmerman, for instance, can persuasively claim that the text's technical descriptions of finance, in their "seeming marginality," serve Dreiser's philosophical argument about the limits of narratability.
Benjamin contrasted Erlebnis with Erfahrung, both of which translate as "experience"; however, the latter refers to experience informed by collective social arrangements (and whose aesthetic corollary is storytelling), whereas the latter [sic; Seguin probably means "former" here] denotes its modern, privatized counterpart, one marked by a decline in the essential narratability of events.
I have already pointed out that characters in a number of these texts tend to be caught up in purely individualistic gestures or anomic repetitions; their narratability fails when, like the young basketball player, they are drawn from situations of distinctiveness back into numbingly reiterated sequences -- what one story calls 'the same old shit on the reservation' (p.
It refutes tense, first draini ng away narratability, but then leaving the field open for alternatives to the life in time.
There is no strict boundary between love and the love story; on the contrary, narratability is inscribed into love (in it not being simply itself Love itself generates its own fiction and is nothing other than its story.
to incorporate the principles of life design with its focus on intentionality, adaptability, and narratability.
Miller might say, produce the narratability of the story, or provide what Harpham calls resistance in the narrative.
Thus reduced, she drifts outside narratability, the end of her story coming only second-hand because she cannot have, anymore, a representable point of view.
His narratability (in other words, his ability to enunciate and listen to his career-life stories) will likely promote continuity in his life story and help to develop his sense of self-esteem and identity to enable him to engage with the world more actively and adaptively.
For Holbein it is a matter of an encounter with the limits of perspective; for Dickens it concerns the limit of narratability.
In short, I find his close readings, inspired as they are by the semiotician's obsession with codes and narratability, a less than felicitous approach to these texts.
a sense of narratability, identified recently as a goal of life-design
In other words, the absence of such actions in the narrative may almost be explained in terms of Prince's notion of the nonnarratable, one type of which "falls below the so-called threshold of narratability (it is not sufficiently unusual or problematic)" (1).
It seeks to do so by offering counselors and researchers a contextualized model and lifelong, holistic, contextual, and preventive counseling intervention framework to increase life-career adaptability, narratability (i.