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an oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container where the smoke is cooled by passing through water

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The frequency of experimeting nargileh which has been defined as a new public health problem by the World Health organization (WHO) was found to be 35% in high school students in Izmir in this study (25).
If Delacroix's harem is a masculine space where women are mere objects, as the slippers that he brought back from his trip or as the basket or nargileh in his paintings, Mernissi's harem is a feminine space, where women (almost) rule and where conflicts erupt between the old and the young, the conservatives and the rebels, a space where men are secluded in their own salon and go up on the terrace only at the women's invitation.
The race was amazing; while managing to actually complete the run (in a surprisingly respectable time) and not get distracted by the panoramic views or the inviting nargileh tables and coffee vendors dotted along the route, I managed to see Jordanians from all walks of life come together to participate in this fantastic event.
The smoking of water pipes loaded with sweetened tobacco, also known as nargileh or shisha, is popular in cafes across the Arab world and was one of the few remaining leisure activities left in the isolated coastal strip.
Saade, who is also a cardiologist, said that in several venues, especially in Ramadan tents that fog up with nargileh smoke, the aerosol monitor they were using would lock, indicating that the air pollutant levels were higher than the maximum level it could measure--or 400 times higher than acceptable levels set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
Although smoking incidence among women is low in this traditionally Islamic country, women do smoke nargileh in Kuwait's vibrant cafe and restaurant scene, with nargileh sales estimated at 2-3% growth per annum, according to Shaheen.
Summary: People across south Lebanon celebrated the downing of the Israeli fighter jet over the weekend with long lunches, nargileh and selfies with UNIFIL patrols.
Working our way up the stairs, the Arabic music floating down from the speakers subtly filled the room while the rising smoke from nargileh pipes took its place,.
The nargileh market is estimated at 300 tonnes this year, up 30% on last year.
Groups of women from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Philippines mill around clothes racks on the roadside while Armenian men sit and smoke nargileh beside Syrians and Kurds.
While I had been told about Arab hospitality, the genuinely warm welcome I experienced created a bond with my new colleagues; what cemented those relationships were the late night trips to tucked away falafel shops, sharing a foul and hummus breakfast with our families, talking about politics over a cup of shai and nargileh, dancing together at weddings or crying at funerals.
After Iftar, The Terrace is the perfect spot to relax under the moonlight, and is where guests can enjoy magnificent views of Amman, refreshing juices, savoury Ramadan sweets and a selection of Nargileh flavours.
The smoking of nargileh, or water-pipes, in public was banned last year to discourage women from smoking, as well as to crack down on opium users mixing the drug with tobacco in nargileh.
17) fee per packet of cigarette, a 10-percent levy on cigars and LL 2,500 on every kilo of nargileh tobacco.
On his application, under job description, Ramirez wrote: Nargileh specialist.