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Synonyms for narcotraffic

traffic in illegal drugs

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As narcotraffic surpluses grew rapidly during the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, narcotics dealers/traffickers/producers increasingly bought land as a way of cleaning narco-dollars (Hylton 2006; Echandia Castilla 1997).
it is possible to appreciate the double dimension of narcotraffic in the farming sector [.
Think of how the ability of narcotraffic to expand in Mexico is both an expression and a source of state incapacity and public insecurity, while at the same time it presents stark challenges for national security (traditionally conceived) because of its interface with the United States (see Sermeno 2007).
Drug Enforcement Agency considers that Mexican authorities remain "inefficient" in the fight against narcotraffic (Reuters 2005).
Since narcotraffic does not inform the story, the protagonists are universal and, in their struggles between good and evil, come to represent a sort of Everyman/Everywoman.
In the end, toughness might provide the most appealing story for an electorate that has lived for decades in fear of whatever their leaders have told them to fear, communism, gangs, narcotraffic, street crime, the many different names for violence and the justification for counterviolence.
The strategy is divided into a number of specific projects under the rubrics of narcotraffic, traffic in persons, crime prevention, corruption, and border protection at a projected cost of US$600 million.
Discussions, he said, would be the usual mix: narcotraffic, security, migration, and free trade.
Now, new threats like narcotraffic and delinquency must be confronted.