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Synonyms for narcotizing

inducing stupor or narcosis

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An important factor in the large-scale production and trafficking of illicit drugs in Latin America is the high demand of narcotizing substances in the North American and European markets.
By launching such a renaissance, these hitherto narcotizing elements will be used to revitalize, give awareness and fight superstition.
There were several dysfunctions like the narcotizing one--the population is politically apathetic and inert because information works like a narcotic destroying social action and contributing to social conformism (LAZARSFELD and MERTON, 1948)--or the visual culture (SARTORI, 1998) that simplifies reality and appeals to feelings.
It seems rather to be a straightforward indication of the passing of time, which is unaccounted for due to the narcotizing effect of the liqueur.
A man with a good nose for archives, Snyder obviously hoped to reach general readers by avoiding opaque professorial jargon and narcotizing chronological minutiae.
The narcotizing effect of (continuous) music is to be suspended in favor of a music that serves as a tool for estrangement and foster communal participation (i.
Filmed "entertainment" is shown on TV, the narcotizing box in every living room; the video camera pointed at the public has become the weapon of choice for totalitarians.
The narcotizing compounds in the "milk" reduce the capability of the snails, after their release, to attach themselves fast enough, and consequently are in danger of being washed away.
He had no interest in golf, but appreciated the narcotizing effect of all that blemishless green.
Seeking ever more outrageous titillations, David di Meola, a thirty-something failed rock-'n'-roller, takes up where the Marquis de Sade and Manson left off, narcotizing himself through unspeakable violence and serial murder.